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Mark Floyd, N1CT - President
Tom Alessi, K1TA - Trustee
Lisa Neusheler, KC1YL - Secretary/Treasurer

  • The QLF CW Operators Club is a private organization of amateur radio operators
    dedicated to advancing the hobby of Amateur Radio and CW (Radio Telegraphy).

  • Our Mission is to recruit, train and assist members of our community to become committed,
    licensed Amateur Radio operators.

  • To carry on the tradition of amateur radio and CW (Radio Telegraphy) by using our
    network of technical resources and expertise to provide equipped and skilled operators.

  • To be available when called upon by local authorities in time of need and to
    assist and protect the citizens in the communities in which we live and serve.

  • The QLF CW Ops is dedicated to community service and providing education to the general
    public about the history, operation, functions and benefits of the Amateur Radio Service.

  • QLF CW Ops members adhere to the Amateur Radio creed and are considerate,
    progressive, friendly, loyal and patriotic.
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